Legend of League Park CoverThe Legend of League Park (available in print and a variety of ebook formats)
Gioia Rinaldi is the star pitcher of Tusky Valley’s Girl’s Softball Team, but she wants more. She wants to play professional baseball, but everyone around her says it’s impossible for a girl. When her brother is recruited to Cleveland’s farm team (The Akron Aeros), she wonders why he can have her dream and she cannot. She decides in college that she will work as hard as possible to play professional ball anyway.

Audrey Dawson has been thrown for a loop as she learns that now her beloved father is sick with ALS. The only constant thing in her world is baseball and a love of the Detroit Tigers. In order to keep sports in her life, she decides to become a journalist covering baseball for the Wayne State newspaper but it’s not as easy as she would like.

When their worlds suddenly collide, the girls find themselves fighting for their dreams and a little help from old stadium ghosts certainly won’t hurt matters any.

The Black Guard Chronicles

A series of short novels (that each can and do stand on their own as well as work quite complementary with each other) featuring the lives of a variety of Turn-of-the-20th-century anti-heros.

  • These Days a Nightmare [Dosia]- Dosia Blirski knows that there are gangs on the Lower East Side, but just as she knows there are debutantes on 5th Avenue, it really doesn’t affect her life. Destined for obscurity, Dosia is yet another poor, quiet, orphaned, and rather unremarkable, Polish immigrant girl living in Manhattan in the early 1900s. Or at least, that’s how she sees herself against a background of newspaper stories about artists, and anarchists. She would like to lead a more adventurous life, but has no ambitions about actually seeking one. All of that changes suddenly when she accidently walks into ‘gangly, dark, and handsome’ in the street. Before she knows it, people at her family’s tenament house are turning up dead, her uncle is being blamed, and her cousin’s girlfriend is claiming that not only is Dosia’s father alive, but well known in certain circles for his money laundering schemes. Now, she’s on a quest to clear her Uncle’s name and find a man she has thought dead for 12 years.
  • These Days Numbered [Sebastian] – Written in the tone of a Gothic horror to compliment his dark view of the world, Sebastian’s story is the struggle of the man versus himself. A difficult childhood and an extreme devotion to his younger sister, send him fleeing Detroit with the police on his trail. In New York, he finds himself penniless and alone, until a somewhat relentless, beautiful girl falls for him…and her overprotective brother offers him a job to keep away; a job that is far more than he bargained for.

The Burning River Café

With her mother now in a mental facility, Samantha Crabtree is stuck living with her great-aunt in a town where ghosts routinely appear in mirrors and a man’s head is kept in a freezer at the local historical society. And if that wasn’t weird enough, the flighty woman who owns the local coffee shops seems to think Samantha is a witch. When a new friend’s father, a prominent local politician disappears, the papers cry foul play while Aunt Bay cries supernatural sabotage. It’s up to Samantha to solve the abduction, even if she doesn’t know how yet.
A work of YA fantasy.

Espresso Girl

Estelle’s life is not turning out at all in the way that she planned. Her law career has stalled out in a minimum wage diner job, and her biggest crush has found someone new. However, just when she thinks she’s beaten, she’s invited to a banquet at the newly renovated Olympia Hotel and things start to get very interesting.

It Returns Well

A darkly comic memoir of growing up 3rd generation Italian-American, reconciling roots and traditional culture with contemporary world, set to the backdrop of stories picked up over the years from those who have come before me.

With Fair Azure Outline: A series of Tuscarawas County vignettes

Angela Tichalanik grew up in a world were everything had a logical explanation…and that logical explanation was mostly likely wrong. It was a place where even the most rational man would question if perhaps he might believe in ghosts or magic; a place where a person could step through time at a moment’s notice and strange creatures roamed; a place that seemed to everyone a simple county in eastern Ohio, though it was everything otherwise. The Tuscarawas Valley was always an enigma, calling people to it as it saw fit. People didn’t come by accident, but most of them didn’t plan to end up there. It is the place where childlike innocence collides with the growing cynicism of adulthood. This book of vignettes and moments tells the story of the eccentric families inhabiting this eccentric place wrapped in a tapestry of both the real and unreal, so interwoven that it has become impossible to untangle.

Better Undead Than Red: Coming soon!

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