Legend of League Park CoverThe Legend of League Park (available in print and a variety of ebook formats)
Gioia Rinaldi is the star pitcher of Tusky Valley’s Girl’s Softball Team, but she wants more. She wants to play professional baseball, but everyone around her says it’s impossible for a girl. When her brother is recruited to Cleveland’s farm team (The Akron Aeros), she wonders why he can have her dream and she cannot. She decides in college that she will work as hard as possible to play professional ball anyway.

Audrey Dawson has been thrown for a loop as she learns that now her beloved father is sick with ALS. The only constant thing in her world is baseball and a love of the Detroit Tigers. In order to keep sports in her life, she decides to become a journalist covering baseball for the Wayne State newspaper but it’s not as easy as she would like.

When their worlds suddenly collide, the girls find themselves fighting for their dreams and a little help from old stadium ghosts certainly won’t hurt matters any.


The Season of the Witch Series (individual novelettes are available as ebooks via Smashwords )

Thousands of years ago, a terrible disaster drove a group of magical beings from their home into our world. Over time they scattered across the globe and their lore became distorted into legend. In 2012, a young girl makes a decision that sets into motion a series of events that may change the course of history forever.

  1. Jaclyn of the Lantern (Oct. 2013)
  2. Bethania’s Broomsticks (Jan. 2014)
  3. Ides (March 2014)
  4. Red (June 2014)
  5. Falling Stone (Sept. 2014)
  6. The Chaos Gate (Nov. 2014)
  7. The Curse of Mnemosyne (Jan. 2015)
  8. Daughter of Detroit (April 2015)



What Does Your Smile Say About You? (available in serialized digital format via JukePop Serials)

There are four sororities at Summit University and with Rush fast approaching, each must clammer to solidify their social position. Accusations of dirty rushing, an inconsiderate ghost, and a leadership struggle between two powerful personalities could cause the whole thing to combust.




Summer Love (Coming in summer 2015)
How I Survived Tantrums and Babysitters (Coming in 2016)

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